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Client Testimonials

"1-2 Booked Sales Calls a Day"

"Before our leads were really inconsistent...

Now we're consistently getting the right leads, and the CPL has went down a lot."

"FB ads had really gotten off track.

Oliver identified and fixed the ads very quickly."

"5 Client Applications since the updates ($15 each) "

Prior to meeting Oli English we were having issues converting Facebook leads.

I was of the view that FB would actually not work for me.

I almost hung up my boots, but my experience with Oli has opened my eyes to an innovative and fresh way to market on Facebook.

 - James M.

When we started, Oliver warned me that we might need at least one month to see results.

In fact, Oliver brought me results in 2 days! I was extremely happy with the results. This was also a very positive experience for me.

 - João M.

More Results I’ve gotten my clients (In a case study book I'll send you after you sign up):

  • A 27% increase in total sales - From 1 change
  • Increasing profitability by 152% + 4,932% ROI ad campaign
  • The 3 ways to make more money from FB ads + Examples