The Streamlined Ad Ascension Process


I help businesses just like yours Get More Clients from Facebook ads.
EVEN if you've struggled to get consistent profits from your ads so far.

This is not for e-commerce or small local businesses!

Some results we've achieved:

- Increasing a 6-figure company's total sales by 27% - From 1 change in the funnel
- Turned around a "failing campaign" from 0 to 9 consultations
- Increasing profitability by 152% + 4,932% ROI ad campaign
- FB Ad From 1 sales call a month to 1-2 A DAY (and others that get to 5-6-7 a day)

(ALL results are documented, all on this page - So read all of it)

How The Process Works

Find Your Leverage Points

As a general rule, 80% of the results you get will come from 20% of your actions.

Said another way, a small number of activities and assets will get you most of your results.

So, the important thing to do in this case is to focus on the small number of tasks most likely to get you where you want to be.

So, you need to identify those areas, apply concerted effort to the vital few areas, and avoid doing most other things.

This is only possible with 2 things:
1. Robust statistical tracking and easy to understand user behaviour tracking
2. Creative strategic insight

Action 1.

Eliminate guesswork and wasteful ideas by “systems accelerating.”

This is the most effective, simplest and likely way I've found to improve profits.

We systematically analyse past campaigns, each part of those campaigns and your sales efforts to see which got you to your most desired goal the easiest.

Figure out the outliers, exactly what got you your very best results, and your very worst results.

Lastly, use this info for action.

The options:
And, to read through the lines and gather deep insights on what overarching fundamentals have worked for you in your business.

Action 2.

Scaling via new grounds: what BRAND NEW ads/ funnels/ strategies/ campaigns have you yet to implement, that would revolutionise your business.

Creative strategic insight is needed here.

Trying to do this WITHOUT firstly figuring out what you have already done that worked really well and really badly ("Action1.") might mean you inadvertently keep replicating the same mistakes.

Get Help With "Effective Action"

The Surest Way To Succeed With Ads
The 4 Pillars

Sadly, if asked for help, a lot of advertisers will simply look at your ad, and leave it at that. No consideration for the rest of your sales process.

This is a problem when your goal is making high ticket sales.

Oftentimes your most desired sales are made after quite a few steps, for example VSL’s, webinars, email sequences and sales calls.

All of the variables and your front end (like ads) impact your ability to actually make sales. And a change in any of those can throw off, or multiply the rest of the conversions you get.

Hence, it’s incredibly important to look at your campaigns holistically, not just as leads generated, or even sales calls booked. But as PROFIT.

We do this with our 4 pillar process

1. Creative positioning and uniqueness

In the 21st century, nearly every single market is crowded. This means you need something to set yourself apart from indirect and direct competition.

People who get positioning wrong can optimise their funnel till the end of time, but they’ll reach a point where they can’t get better results NO MATTER WHAT.

The success of your whole campaign rests on your position.

I’ve got unique systems for breaking down, easily finding and developing your Creative position and uniqueness.

The process ranks each of these “positioning” opportunities so we know what’s most likely to work and bring the biggest results.

2. Ad assets

(Ad copy and creatives, targeting, sales pages)

Ad assets are probably what you’re most excited about, it’s what you hear most people talking about. It’s probably also what you know the most about.

But it’s actually precisely for that reason, the least important part.

Once you’ve sorted your positioning and done any necessary research, it’s just putting things to action and having a guiding hand to make sure you don’t make any obvious mistakes.

The main aim, don’t make things any more complicated than they need to be and don’t make silly mistakes.

3. Sales Conversions + Sales Calls

(Tracking and accountability)

If you do sell on a call, you want to make sure you close as many of the clients that you get on the phone (that much is obvious).

Granted, as long as they are the type of client that could benefit from your offer.

What isn’t tracked isn’t managed. Thus, everything you do that could impact sales is meticulously tracked.

This tracking will illuminate the little “butterfly effects” that turn into big waves in the rest of your funnel.

Correct action follows true insight.

4. Follow up and retargeting content

(Content and email sequences etc.)

Think of this as squeezing more juice out of the lemons you already have.

So, once we have the right people coming into your sales funnel, and a good amount of them, following up and retargeting works great.

It’s how you get more clients at a much lower cost, and warms other people inside the sales process to take action with you at a later date. A lot of it can be automated.

Here, you want to get your prospects to know, like and trust you.

There’s a predictable format people go through with this, and predictable improvements that can be made to get more conversions.

Client Testimonials and Results

"1-2 Booked Sales Calls a Day"

"Before our leads were really inconsistent...

Now we're consistently getting the right leads, and the CPL has went down a lot."

"FB ads had really gotten off track.

Oliver identified and fixed the ads very quickly."

"5 Client Applications since the updates ($15 each) "

Prior to meeting Oli English we were having issues converting Facebook leads.

I was of the view that FB would actually not work for me.

I almost hung up my boots, but my experience with Oli has opened my eyes to an innovative and fresh way to market on Facebook.

 - James M.

When we started, Oliver warned me that we might need at least one month to see results.

In fact, Oliver brought me results in 2 days! I was extremely happy with the results. This was also a very positive experience for me.

 - João M.

I can help you the best, by talking to you personally. I'll walk you through each step.

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  • A 27% increase in total sales - From 1 change
  • Increasing profitability by 152% + 4,932% ROI ad campaign
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